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I'm Miranda Sims, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to my creative playground! Here at The Zingy Studio, I offer a variety of services, including creative workshops, educational resources, community arts projects, and commercial art collaborations. Let's create something amazing together!

Master of Digital Learning Leadership

BA Visual Culture

Being at a Zingy workshop is like a gathering of friends around a table with vibrant flowers, creative inspiration, laughter and sharing knowledge.


‘Universally Repaired’

Thrilled to announce that my art video commission is currently on display until 16 December 2023 at the Town Hall Gallery, as part of an amazing collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Rachel Wood, Wunder Weave. ‘Universally Repaired’ is proudly presented by Boroondara Arts as part of the ‘Make, Mend, Do: Crafting a circular economy’. This event is part of Craft Contemporary 2023, an annual festival delivered by Craft Victoria. I look forward to sharing more with you in 2024!

Learning with the Arts

Learn how to apply techniques of modern still life photography and simple line drawing to capture the essence of form, a moment in time, and a sense of spring.

Love still life, collage, and colour? Learn how to bring elements of the everyday that bring you joy to uncover your own visual identity, and personal style in this self-paced online creative class “Explore Your Visual Style: Create A Still Life Identity Collage”.

In this learning area, students will use the exploratory and creative platform of the Arts, to advocate for effective action on sustainability.

Wearing the Art

Useful and joyous art.

Creating Wearable Art with a Fusion of Photography and Digital Art. This project features my photographs of stunning blooms integrated into digital artworks. The designs are printed in Australia on AS Colour Tees, offering an oversized fit for maximum comfort. Additionally, a canvas tote bag that is perfect for carrying a few great books on the go.

Creating said Art

Key Elements of My Artwork: High Pigment Inks, Fluid Lines, Abstract Florals and Occasional Paint Pens.

Community connecting with the Arts

My work involves partnering with municipal councils to provide a diverse range of workshops, community connection programs, and educational resources. These initiatives utilise arts-based learning principles to inform their design and delivery.

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